Sunday, February 2, 2014

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it *sobs* (1/27/14-2/2/14)

Monday 1/27

Call of Duty: Ghosts, Lego Marvel Super Heroes (PS4), Disney Infinity (PS3) (Incredibles)-
There's nothing like sneaking downstairs before the kids are awake and playing a little Ghosts to make you feel like you're getting away with something. In total, I gained around 7 levels from the double XP weekend, going from 23-30. I started getting a better feel for the maps and posting some better scores, and felt like I was improving just enough to think, "yeah, I should totally get the season pass." I have a bunch of credit in various places (paypal, Amazon, PSN wallet), so we'll see.

Dearest Martha, 
I write you this letter from the homestead. The children are home again from school. 
It is too cold to send them out of doors, so they must find other ways to pass the time.
Mostly it involves yelling. 
It is so very loud here, my dear. 
So. Very. Loud.

Since my oldest had absconded with my 3DS to play Mario & Luigi Dream Team during his allotted game time (Oh, the irony!), my middle son was left to wander aimlessly without his usual co-op partner. We finally decided on a little Lego Marvel Super Heroes and later some Disney Infinity. These two games provide a great contrast in how to do multiplayer co-op.

Now, it's not a fair comparison, since Lego is very mission/level based and Infinity has more open-world freedom. But, even though I will never tire of punching little Lego men in the face, I think Infinity does multiplayer better. And it's all because of the camera. Infinity simply cuts the screen in half. I do my thing (Missions, progressing the story) my little co-op partner does his (wandering, collecting toys, hoverboarding everywhere). Lego Marvel puts us both on the same screen, but whenever one of us starts to move too far away from the other, the screen (dynamically, arbitrarily?) cuts in whatever way it sees fit. So when I'm Hulk-smashing things on the ground and he's flying around as Iron Man, it can get a little nauseating. And he's ALWAYS flying around. Thank the gods for Lego Marvel's mid-level save points. We've had to stop on more than one occasion due to a little "screen-sickness." (Maybe it was the screen, maybe it was just the bickering. "Come over here!" "No, I need you over here!" "Stop moving!" "Switch to Thor!" "No, Thor!")

Tuesday 1/28

Lego Marvel, Final Fantasy Tactics-
More sub-zero daytime highs, more days off from school. A little more Lego Marvel, at the young Mr.'s request. We're getting through about 1% of the game per sitting, so we'll finish it. Eventually. I think we have Lego games from the Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, and now Marvel series'. The only ones I think I've finished to 100% completion are the original Star Wars games and Indiana Jones. And that was with my eldest. And of course there were no trophies on those...grrrrrr.

FF Tactics is really starting to pull me in. Probably to the detriment of other games. A decision needs to be made soon: continue on and beat this game again, or play another "tactical RPG" to get that same fix. I have saves from X-Com Enemy Within, Shadowrun Returns, and Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgement that I could go back to. But I'm also remembering why this was a game I would leave work early to play. (Just by an hour or so. One quick battle before the wife gets home.)

Wednesday 1/29

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Final Fantasy Tactics-
Wow. Yeah. Beat Brothers, got 100% all trophies or whatever. But, as a father of two young boys of around the same age as the characters in the game, this game should come with a warning label or something. Emotionally devastating. But in a good way? Either way, I'm glad I played it and definitely understand what the hype was about.

Stab. Slash. Counter-Attack. Arrow. Potion. Potion. Phoenix Down. Slash. (Almost wanted to turn that into a Haiku, but those are played out, right?) I love these types of games because it's never about quick reflexes or memorizing the perfect route/line. It's about thinking through all of the variables and then deciding your move. So, if you fail, you can only blame your stupid brain and not your diminishing old-man reflexes.

Games finished YTD: 2

Thursday 1/30

Final Fantasy Tactics-
I can spend hours, or days
Just in menu screens

Sorry, I can't resist the need to 'ku.

Friday 1/31

Call of Duty: Ghosts, Paint it Back-
Oh, Ghosts, you tricky so-and-so, you turned on the double xp in Extinction Mode just to taunt me, didn't you? I have already prestiged in this mode once, but a few more matches won't hurt none. I still haven't beaten it yet, but I don't see how that's possible playing with randoms. Too many lone-wolves, not enough cooperation and communication. It's still fun to shoot the aliens though. This mode may be what gets me to buy the season pass. I'm hoping the price is right on ebay.

Paint it Back is becoming my new go-to quick game. I wish it had a little more "stakes" to it. Picross has the timer and the five strikes before you had to try again. PiB just has the grim eventuality that I will conquer all puzzles. Just, one or two at a time over the next __ hundred days.

I had an Amazon Promo code that was expiring today, so I used it on Tomb Raider (on sale for $9. -$5 Amazon promo credit, -$4 Amazon trade-in credit = $0.) The new one, not the PS1 game. I still have that in the basement somewhere. (And, of course, I've never finished it.)
I'm still not sure if I should count this as money spent, considering I used the promo code and previous Amazon credit to get the game for free. I wouldn't have bought it without either of those.

YTD Spending: $18.25 (ACTUAL YTD spending, subtracting anything bought with any type of credit: $6.25)

Saturday 2/1

Lego Marvel, Paint it Back-
Chip, chip, chipping away at both of these.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Who had 20 Days in the Pool? (1/20-1/26)

Monday 1/20

Does it count as spending money if the money was already sitting in my Playstation Wallet? When Playstation Network sales look like Steam sales I tend to get weak in the knees.

Spelunky PS3, PSVita
Six dollars and twenty five cents. That's how much it cost for me to get Spelunky and Thomas Was Alone for the PS3 and Vita (Cross buy is one of the greatest ideas in video game history). Played some multiplayer with my boys, which was just as hilarious and confusing as you can imagine. They took more joy in dying and getting in my way than in actually progressing in the game, but hey, what are you gonna do? And yes, I'm fully aware that, like Don't Starve, I have another randomly generated game with infinite replayability now on my list/stack/whatever.

At this point I try to turn on FIFA only a few times per week. I'll check on the newest FUT tournament, build or tweak a team for it and dive in. The march towards 100k begins again! Why? I have no idea...

$ Money spent on games YTD: $6.25

Tuesday 1/21

Warhammer 40k Space Marine
I finished it! Woo hoo! Something something evil devil tank-man. Blah blah blah, waves and waves of enemies. And the ending boss ended up like a God of War quicktime event. Only one in the game. So odd. The very definition of mediocrity. 3/5

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft Mac
I only really got the game installed today, didn't get to spend any time with it. I've never really played any customizable card games, but I watched a few videos online and it looks pretty cool, so why not?

* Games Finished YTD: 1

Wednesday 1/22

The 7 stages of Hearthstone: 1) Tutorial - Oh cool! Cards...Mana...Attack...Minions...Got it! 2) Practice Mode - I'm awesome! That guy stinks! I'm gonna play this game forever! WooOOOooo! 3) Play Mode - ohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD! I almost lost but then I won man that was close and wow what a rush! 4) First Loss(es) - Wow, he's good. Oooh, I see what you did there. Huh, what is that card?!? Oh, I need a better deck. 5) Deckbuilding - I'll take one of these and two of those and a whole lot of those and you're all gonna feel my wrath! Bwaaahh haha!!! 6) Crushing Defeat - Wait? What! Howthe! Whatthe! I didn't even get to! That's not! 7) Acceptance - *Shuts off Hearthstone*

Thursday 1/23

After yesterday's rollercoaster ride through Hearthstone I decided to take a cold and calculating approach and give it one more shot. AKA, I looked at a FAQ and copied, card for card, some guys "can't lose starter deck." (Sidebar: Have you ever noticed how everyone, EVERYONE on the Internet is awesome at every game? They are all experts who play every game on the hardest difficulty, barely stifling their yawns of ennui the whole way through? Irritates the hell out of me.) Played three more matches (all against practice opposition) and was trounced in each and every one. Clearly, Wednesday was a fluke run of matches. And I have absolutely zero deck-building ability. As much as I'd love to work through my difficulties and try and improve at the game, I'm just going to cut my losses and move on. Otherwise it would make for a long and frustrating year. And there are already too many other games to play. Liiiiike:

Brothers PS3
Another one of those consistent Game of the Year list residents. And this one was free with Playstation Plus! Also, I heard it was short. Like, 3 hours, play it one sitting short. Which usually means two or three sittings for me. We'll see. So far I've just finished the section helping the two giants reunite. I have no idea how much more there is, but I'm really enjoying how my brain gets split in two having to control each brother with each stick. I'll often find myself wondering why that brother is walking in circles or not following the other. It'll take me minute to realize that it's because my right thumb isn't doing anything or, more often than not, left thumb brother is on the right of the screen and my brain forgot that he's controlled with the left thumb, not right. It makes my focus better and concentrate more fully on what my hands are doing compared to what is on the screen. Really looking forward to finishing this one. Soon.

Paint it Back iPad
Great Picross knock off. Picross and Picross 3D are probably my two most-played Nintendo DS games. I've downloaded a few other Picross knockoffs in the past, but this one has the highest level of polish I've ever played. A great game to jump into for a few minutes when time allows. And since I paid for the full game upgrade ($3), totally finishable. But I'll probably take me time.

$ YTD Spending: $9.25 (I'll count the $3, but I have had over $40 in my iTunes account for over a year, so it's sorta free.)

Friday 1/24

Spelunky Vita
Like Paint it Back, I've found myself coming to this one on occasion when I want to play something, but don't have the time or interest to really get into something bigger. Today I finally tried the Vita version and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. It translates really well to the small screen, and the controls are just as tight as the console version. No gimmicky touchscreen business, thank the gods. Great for the 15-20 minutes after the kids are done with homework, but before I start making dinner. Definitely going to keep chipping away at this one.

Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4
Near the top of the list of my secret shames (along with enjoying the music of My Chemical Romance and the TV show The Mindy Project) is the fact that I've bought every Call of Duty game on or near launch since Modern Warfare 2. Which is really weird for someone who considers themself a pacifist and hates the 2nd Amendment. But as far as virtual stress relief goes, nothing beats taking out a roomful of guys in quick succession with my SMG and running over their corpses for more ammo. It's not to say I'm very good at it, but it's pretty mindless, and sometimes that's just what I want. And: Double XP Weekend!!!
(Call of Duty sidebar: I have yet to crack the code on this game. Since I started playing these regularly, I've slowly gotten better and better with my k/d ratio. MW2 was somewhere around .5, Black Ops was around .83, I dropped again for MW3 to .79, and really thought I figured it out with Black Ops 2. I was consistently over 1.0. (1.11. I just checked the Elite page for the full stats.) But, as far as Ghosts goes, I'm back down in the .6's. I hate the maps, prefer the loadout system in Black Ops 2, and haven't really found a favorite gun yet. BUT DOUBLE XP. Apparently I'm a Treyarch man. Who knew!)
Despite my misgivings about the multiplayer (haven't touched the Campaign, absolutely love Extinction), I keep jumping in on Double XP weekends waiting for it to click. Maybe one day it'll happen. But probably not.

Saturday 1/25

Don't Starve
My younger son (middle child) doesn't necessarily like playing Don't Starve as much as he likes to watch someone play and bark orders at them. So today, I obliged.
"Dad, go through that wormhole!" "Dad, don't walk through the swamp!" "Dad, stay away from the frogs!" "Why are you going by the frogs!" (He's yelling. Always yelling.) "Dad, go in that cave!" "Dad, get out of that cave!" "You're going insane!" "Eat something!" "You can't kill the shadows!" "Look out!!!" A little stressful, probably more so for him than for me, but enjoyable.

Sunday 1/26

Paint it Back

Call of Duty: Ghosts
A few more PiB puzzles, a few more levels gained in Ghosts. I give Call of Duty a lot of grief, but I do really enjoy the addition of Squads mode. It makes it easier to try a new loadout or weapon without the pressure of knowing you'll be a detriment to your team. Well, I always kind of know I'll bring the team down, but at least in Squads I know I'm not letting other jerk humans kill me.
I had a decent run there for a while (bless this empty house and the YMCA for having an indoor pool for the kids to swim in), gained 7 levels, had a handful of 1.0 or greater k/d. Corner turned??? (Probably not, since I'll be putting it down once double xp ends.)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The First Step is Admitting You Have a Problem, Right? (1/13/2014-1/19/2014)

There's something permanent about putting something in writing. You can imagine and argue with the thoughts in your head forever, but once it's written down, there's something indelible about it. It forces you to act. At least, that's what I'm hoping for.

I was raised with video games. Some of my earliest memories are of playing Atari on an old Black & White TV. I was fully behind (and possibly lead the charge on) my family's decision to get an NES instead of going on vacation one year. So, it's fair to say that games have played an influential role in my life, for the most part. And, as an adult, I've come to the same conclusion that many people in my age group and life situation have also reached: I HAVE TOO MANY GAMES. When cost isn't as much of an issue as time, it's easy to stockpile games with the thoughts of, "yeah, I'll get to it at some point," or "I'd be a fool to not buy it at that price!".

So, my plan is to use this space to keep track of what I'm playing, what I want to be playing, and what I should probably stop playing. Hopefully, this will keep me on task playing what I already have instead of just buying more and making the "stack of shame" rise ever higher. At least, that's the plan.

It's written down, so there's no turning back now.

(The plan is for a weekly write up summarizing each day, but since I'm a horrible procrastinator and slacker, this entry is a week late.)

Monday 1/13/14

Don't Starve - PS4
-Free with a Playstation Plus membership (this will be a running theme). I already owned a copy of this through some Steam sale or another, but I had only messed around with it for a few minutes. To be perfectly honest, I prefer games on consoles to PC. I didn't grow up with mouse & keyboard controls and I'm a horrible, horrible typist. Unless my fingers can be locked to a select few keys (Diablo 3 springs to mind) I'll usually spend way to much time looking down from the screen trying to locate the "M" or whatever key is needed, and die horribly in the meantime. So I really enjoyed the way the controls were mapped to the PS4 controller. I also really liked the idea of "Sanity" as a stat to keep tabs on. In addition to keeping an eye on my Health and Hunger, I had to weave myself a little flower headband to keep my sanity up. It's a fun little touch: little arts & crafts projects to keep your brain sharp in between gathering enough food and fire to make it through the nights. I only spent an hour or so with it but it's definitely something I'd like to get back to. (Here's how my game ended, which is a pretty good indicator of my skill at games. I finally found some gold and made a science machine; and in my excitement to find out what else I could make, I failed to gather enough fuel for a fire and died when the dark set in.)

(SIDEBAR: Yes, I just spent the first paragraphs about a blog I started to keep track of the games I plan on finishing talking about a randomly generated game with no discernible ending. If you are looking for logic and common sense, you've come to the wrong place.)

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 3DS
-Grabbed this from my local library to try on my new 3DS. Yes, my local library is awesome. They have a huge supply of games for pretty much all of the current systems. When I grow up, I want to be in charge of purchasing media for my library.
I only played the first mission; which seemed pretty similar to the little bit I had played for the GameCube. (I never owned a GC, but I bought the original Luigi's Mansion for GC to play on my Wii. This will also be a recurring pattern for this blog: I bought __x__ for cheap, played it for __x__ minutes and then forgot about it and moved on to something newer and shinier. THIS is the pattern I'm trying to stop.) Anyway, ghostbusting (ghost busting? ghost-busting? GhostBusting?) as Luigi is a fun enterprise, but for the forseeable future my 3DS heart belongs to one game.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds - 3DS
-I consume a lot of gaming information, through sites and blogs and podcasts. And I kept seeing this game coming out near the top of all of the end of the year lists. Now, Link to the Past for the SNES is one of my all time favorites, but I had little interest in playing a graphically upgraded version of that again. Sorry Nintendo, fool me once etc. and so forth with your repackaged nostalgia, I'm done with that type of thing. Turns out, I was wrong.
I had a gift card for ToysRUs, they were having a buy 1 get one half off sale on 3DS games, one thing led to another...I'll spare you the gory details. Fast forward 5-10 days for shipping, and on my doorstep arrives a bouncing baby copy of this and Mario Kart 7. So I grab my son's 3DS, toss in the Zelda cart and: "Heh, I remember this," "Ooh, that's a bit different," "Wait, who's that guy?" "Hold on, this is...wait...I'M ON THE WALL!?!" "THIS IS SOMETHING ENTIRELY DIFFERENT!"
Needless to say, double meat hooks, one under each shoulder blade, Nintendo had me. I ended up buying my own 3DS the next day. Didn't seem fair to my son to dominate his toy; after all, he saved his birthday money until Black Friday (on my suggestion) to buy it himself.

I mean, listen to that music. I could listen to this song on a loop forever. Oh, and just to prove how crazy in love with this game I am, as of today I have just finished the dungeon and got the third necklace. Still pretty early in the game, but I just want to wander around Kakariko Village and listen to that music.

FIFA 14 - PS4
-My relationship with FIFA14 summed up in one hastily put together Photoshop:
I have a long and storied love / hate relationship with the FIFA series. (Point of clarity: I've never seen Brokeback Mountain, I only know the quote. So if the analogy falls apart or if I'm destroying the sanctity of the movie, I apologize.) I really enjoyed 13, up until my Ultimate Team seasons progress was obliterated. I was planning on skipping the 14 edition, I even went so far as to buy a copy of PES 2014 (gasp!). But, Amazon had that buy two get one free deal for PS4 games, and I needed something for my new system, so I buckled. It's my own fault really, I spent way to much time collecting gifts from the Ultimate Team Web App for a game I was supposedly going to skip.
And so another year if FUT use and abuse began anew. I will say this about FIFA 14: EA has created the best shirt-pulling simulator of all time, hands down, no contest. It's not all bad; for a while, when I was playing every day, I was able to progress in FUT Seasons (Offline. Always offline.) on the highest difficulty division. I got to the point where I could beat the CPU most of the time on World Class, and even get a result against Legendary difficulty opponents. But the problem is, on these higher difficulties, bronze and silver players are irrelevant. It used to be fun to get my bronze or silver USA teams and run a tournament against higher opposition but with 14 it's just not possible (for me at least). Even my gold players act in such bizarre and illogical ways at times that makes me want to throw my controller through the window. ("No! Why are you passing to him!!!?" "Just square the ball! What are you doing!" "Cross to the man at the far post, not at the top of the box, you idiot!")
I cannot stress that enough. Again, refer to the hastily created JPEG above for a window into my madness. 

Tuesday 1/14

-Only played a few minutes, grabbed the Master Sword. Got distracted by Kakariko Village music. Tuesday's are tough because that's new release day. Or at least it would be if I bought my games new, which I rarely do. But this Tuesday threw a good number of temptations my way, all of which I'm happy to say I was able to avoid. They did all get added to my Steam wishlist, so let's see if I'm able to stay strong once the next Steam sale hits.
Temptations -
  Broken Age - Not usually an adventure game guy (Walking Dead excluded), but the art style on this looks amazing.
  Blackguards - Medieval/Fantasy setting? Check! Turn based tactics? Check! This ticks two of my favorite video game check boxes from the trailer alone so I'm interested.
  The Banner Saga - My wife, who has no interest in games, walked by when I was watching this trailer and was mesmerized. Then she saw the gameplay and said, "oooh, this has your name written all over it." Yup. It sure does.

Wednesday 1/15

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine - PS3
-Another Playstation Plus freebie, I think. I'd started this game early last year and abandoned it at the start of summer. I try not to play M rated games while the kids are around, and in the summer, they're always around. So I wanted to beat this one to finally reclaim some much-needed hard drive space on my PS3. It's just good enough to keep you playing, but not good enough for you to actively seek out. Stompy-clompy tank-men shoot and chainsaw through hordes and hordes of orcs (sorry, Orks) and the like. Really, I'm not down with Warhammer lore, but parts of the environment reminded me of Mass Effect. Maybe Wrex's home world? So really, playing through this just makes me want to go play the original Mass Effect (also occupying precious PS3 HD space). (I've beaten ME 2 & 3. Honest, I have.)

Thursday 1/16

Space Marine
-Stompin' and stabbin' through a few more levels. I love the idea in this game that you can stun and kill enemies in a certain way to make you regain health. But when the animation takes so long that you continue to lose health from other attacking enemies while you kill the guy, it ends up being a zero-sum game. Oh, and the multiplayer! I tried the multiplayer. Whooo, a dozen giant tank-men running and flying (wait, why can they fly and I can't?) around clompin' and stompin' and killin' each other. Honestly, this game doesn't control well enough for the multiplayer to be competent. And there's no way I'll stick with it enough to get any of the trophies out of it. Moooooving on.

Mario Kart 7 - 3DS
-Ah yes, the forgotten man in the Zelda acquisition. Still Mario Kart, still great. Love the flying bits. I played this one briefly before the start of this blog, but once my son got ahold of it, I haven't had much of a chance. Today I snuck in some time while the kids were at gymnastics.

Friday 1/17

Assassins Creed IV and Killzone Shadow Fall - PS4
-Got both of these from the library (yep, my library is awesome, like I said) and only played them for one night so I'm just going to lump them together right here. Again, I got swept up in the end of the year accolades that ACIV was collecting so I decided to try it. I played AC (1) and some of another one and they never clicked with me. But the pirate angle piqued my interest so I dove in on this one. Yeah, nope, still don't get it. I got to the first main mission in the first city and just wanted to stop. I hate (HATE H8 HAIGHT) stealth, and all of a sudden it's "tail this guy" and "hide in this bush" and "oops, I'm caught and forty guys are pummelling me with swords and nope, I'm done." Same with the multiplayer: sneak around, "stab that guy! here! try it against real people! oops, why am I dead all the time?" Speaking of dead all the time...
I own a copy of Killzone 2. I played some the the campaign and a fair amount of the multiplayer. I even owned a copy of the Killzone Collection. I forced myself to play through Killzone 3 quickly just so I could trade it in with a clear(er) conscience. But seriously Sony, stop trying to make Killzone a thing, because if it hasn't caught on by now it never will. Again, I don't care about the lore (British Space Nazis, or something?). I wanted to play this one because I read it was supposed to be a good showcase for the PS4. And it is, I guess? Honestly, I quit out of this one even earlier than ACIV. I like the stuff with the OWL, or at least the idea of the OWL, but the rest of it does absolutely nothing for me. I mean, am I supposed to be sneaking? Oh, hey, there's a guy in that tree; now there's 5 more; now there's 5 more; where am I supposed to go? Oh, an alarm, OK, got that shut off, wait here's another...nope, I'm done.

Saturday 1/18

-So FIFA (actual) did their whole team of the year thing and FIFA (game) did their whole FUT team of the year / blue cards thing and then it happened: the 100k pack became available! Now the last time the 100k pack was available, around Christmas I think, I was sitting at around 85,000 coins and there was no way I was going to be able to make it to 100k before the pack offer expired. So I got all ticked that they weren't offering 50k packs and stopped playing for a few weeks. And I don't know about you, but when I stop playing FIFA14 for a while my skills get super rusty and I have to crank down the difficulty (play in easier tournaments) to get my footing back.
When I saw the 100k pack announcement this time I was at around 95,000 so I though, "Yeah, I can do this." So I started some tournament on World Class and promptly lost. OK, let's re-evaluate. Ah, Semi-Pro tournament, fewer coins, but I can easily beat it twice and still have enough time to grab the pack. It's pretty sad the excitement I felt at getting that coin odometer to roll over the 100,000 mark, just to spend it all a minute later. I tried using the PS4 Share function to make a little record of my accomplishment. You can check out my Twitter page for the sad recap, in images. Short version is, I got Luis Suarez (yeah!) and sold him (boo!) and made 55k back (not bad, not bad). So that will probably keep me playing for far too long.

Sunday 1/19
Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions-PSP/PS Vita
-Another on my all-time top 5 list; for some reason I played this for a few hours from an old save file near the beginning of the game. (Thanks AGAIN, Playstation Plus.) I knew what I was supposed to do, but I kept getting destroyed. I didn't remember this game being this difficult. So I went back to the shops and upgraded everyone's equipment. Nope, that didn't help. So I started poking through the menus and found the page for jobs. Of course! That's what made this game great, using JP to buy skills and mixing them with other jobs and of course there was no explanation of this (thanks, old games!). That helped get me through the next battle. Finally. But then my Vita battery ran out so, #frownyface. But the old spark has definitely been rekindled.

So the week began with an "unbeatable" game and ended with a game I had already beaten. Logic, be gone with you! Anyway, just wanted to get something written down, something I could come back to to keep me on task and away from spending more money on games.


Feel free to tell me I'm doing it wrong on Twitter: @steveferrigan

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Friday, December 12, 2008

So.  Here we go.  In this blog herewithin I track my one year experiment to (actually) finish some of the many video games I've purchased through the years.  I'll put up a list, maybe take suggestions on what to play, and hopefully FINISH SOME GAMES.  It's a New Year's resolution.